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Multidestination delivery

Streamclone is a multi-destination streaming application based on RMDT. The application delivers reliable byte streams to single or multiple destinations. RMDT’s high-performance algorithms deliver data with an incredibly low latency and multi-gigabit rates to recipients. This creates a wide range of exciting opportunities, such as streaming of uncompressed high-resolution video for action gaming, video conferences, and much more.

cast over the WAN

Application Layer Multicast

Streamclone is especially well-suited for applications in the media and entertainment domain. Streamclone’s unique feature of reliable multi-destination delivery overcomes the common limitations of multicast for distributing data. RMDT streams can pass over WAN networks, while conventional multicast is usually blocked in public WANs due to its security vulnerabilities. (available on demand)

Applicable for


Stream live over any type of network including WAN, public internet and satellites

Data science

Forward any type of byte flow from network directly into the processing units

Film production

Stream raw video directly from the stage

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