Reliable multidestination transport protocol


The transport protocol makes every transmission faster

Reliable Multidestination Transport Protocol


RMDT is a UDP-based transport protocol that was developed with the vision of creating a best-in-class protocol for fast and efficient data transfer and has proven to be superior to actual TCP implementation, as well as to proprietary data transfer solutions. The keys to success for RMDT are its algorithms for the analysis of the available bandwidth and very efficient data management in the protocol stack


Serves multiple recipients out of the box


RMDT can not only operate in the classic domain of one-sender-to-one-recipient delivery but deliver data with multi-gigabit speed to up to ten destinations simultaneously

get the maximum of your infrastructure

Full Bandwidth Utilization

High-bandwidth enterprise links might be very expensive. To benefit from its usage it is necessary to use a tool that may fill the purchased pipe by maximum. RMDT fills both private and public links with ease, without the extrusion of other data flows from the link

Safely transfer your data

Enterprise-Level Security

On-the-fly data encryption with AES 128, 192, and 256 bits is proven protection against intruders and it ensures that data is safe even in a malicious environment

What else?


RMDT supports centralized transport control mechanisms that allow it to deliver data to several destinations semi-simultaneously. The protocol is suitable for any kind of data set, such as files, databases, or video content, since it does not use data compression or data deduplication.

The protocol comes with a built-in ability to handle typical IP network impairments, such as packet losses, latency, and jitter.

Serve as many clients as you want

Application Level Multicast

RMDT supports cascading: one receiver can act as a sender to further recipients. RMDT provides incredible flexibility for application architects to create complex workflows for any task involving the transmission of large amounts of data.

Employ RMDT in your application

Software Development Kit

Leverage the full power of RMDT with our extensive SDK. Integrating RMDT for point-to-point, as well as point-to-multipoint data transmissions could not be easier. RMDT is available as a C++ software library and comes pre-compiled for GNU/Linux OS.  The library provides intuitive socket-like semantics that allows you to integrate the protocol into your application with only a few lines of code.

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