We provide a set of networking solutions based on the Reliable Multi-Destination Transport Protocol* (RMDT), a solution for fast data transmission over high-capacity WAN networks. RMDT was developed at the Future Internet Lab Anhalt at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. It easily handles high packet delays and jitters, as well as significant packet losses in the network. RMDT is built on UDP. It doesn’t require special hardware or additional proprietary drivers – it simply works in legacy IP infrastructures. What makes RMDT stand out further is that it can handle data delivery to many destinations in one session. Because of these unique characteristics, delivery of big data sets to several destinations with RMDT consumes much fewer system resources and time than any another solution.


DataClone is a command-line file transfer application based on RMDT. It is designed for… learn more!

Development Kit

Software Development Kit provides a fully functional Reliable Multi-Destination Transport Protocol, which is able to send data in a point-to-multipoint way (one sender to many destinations) as well as point-to-point. RMDT… learn more!


StreamClone is a multi-destination streaming application based on RMDT. The application delivers… learn more!



TCP/BBR vs Dataclone

Is TCP/BBR really so good?

Today the most commonly used file transfer solutions like FTP are based on the TCP protocol created in 1980. Since then, there have been a number of enhancements, including the …