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Designed for a lightning-fast delivery of extra-large files to single or even multiple destinations around the globe.

fast File transmission

Dataclone for file transfers

Dataclone is a file transfer application based on RMDT. Due to its flexibility, the application can be used for backups, replications, and general file exchange for industries with huge data transfer requirements, such as data archiving, security, cinema, biotechnology, nuclear research, and many more.

serves many recipients simltaniously


Dataclone’s unique ability to simultaneously deliver files to multiple destinations makes it indispensable for CDN services. Make your business more reliable by housing replications of your business-critical data at several locations at once. With Dataclone, these data sets are quickly synchronized with all necessary destinations regardless on their size and the distance between the involved nodes.

WEb based UI

Graphical User Interface of Dataclone

Dataclone’s UI enriches the file transfer solution with shared workspaces among the team, convenient templates, scheduled transfers, and the history of last transfers. Handy file browser and Drag and Drop feature will make daily routines pleasant and fast.

application programming interface

Dataclone REST API

Dataclone’s Web UI may be employed in the custom workflow easily using REST API – data transfers may be launched from a third-party application.

Moreover, provided command-line launcher of Dataclone – dccli and GRPC interface of the file transfer application allow building a custom structure of any complexity for convenient and reliable workflow.

Applicable For


Deliver files to multiple destinations around the globe


Distribute your disaster recoveries in many places

Heavy Content Production

Feed your work pipeline at the maximum rate

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