IBC2023: Join us at Anhalt University’s Innovative Booth

IBC2023: Join us at Anhalt University’s Innovative Booth

Dexor’s Team enhances high-speed data transfer solutions and unveiling new developments like the RSDT solution. Join us at IBC 2023 Hall 2./B 22 to explore our advancements!

What does the Dexor Team do?

It is so exciting for Dexor’s Team to visit IBC2023 again! We are developing and enhancing a big data exchange protocol for high-speed data distribution and delivery, a need that grows rapidly over time. Big data exchange becomes increasingly intricate, with volumes expanding nearly to Terabytes and Petabytes. As a spin-off of Anhalt University our team keeps a close connection to the University, where our experts were nurtured, and our ongoing collaboration strengthens this bond. For example, we have solutions like Dataclone, based on Reliable Multi-Destination Transport Protocol (RMDT), etc.

Why do we need to meet?

The IBC2023 event encompasses various domains, all interlinked with high-speed data transmission to varying extents. Whether present or not, every conference participant will inevitably face the issue of efficiently transferring large data sets. We offer pre-established solutions to tackle these challenges, catering to diverse levels of complexity. If you’re wondering why you should opt for our Dataclone solution – check this link out.

What was on our booth last year?

During the previous year’s IBC2022, our booth showcased our specialists and University staff members, proofing the functionality of our high-speed data transfer solutions: Dataclone, Datastream, etc. It was an opportunity to delve deeply into the high-level technology and science, that is hidden inside and also to talk about the solutions and their prospects. Speaking of which, soon will come an article about our new solution – RSDT. Additionally, we’ll soon unveil a post detailing the new Dataclone interface.

Dexor's team and University Anhalt's members at IBC2022 - prior to IBC2023

Find us at the exhibition!

While online interactions have merits, face-to-face encounters hold even greater value. Kindly complete the form to ensure you find us at the event, or simply show up there – Hall 2./B 22. Join us to witness our products in live action, engage with our team, and explore discussions about Dataclone, RMDT, RSDT, etc. You can also explore the possibility of a complimentary 30-day trial of our solutions, tailored to your specific tasks.

We Will be happy to see you at
IBC 2023 – Hall 2, B22

Fill in the contacts to find us at the exhibition and discover advanced data transfer solutions from Dexor!